What time is it Mr Wolf?

Phew! Just got back from the Big Bad Wolf bookfair. For the uninformed the BBW claims to be the worlds largest book fair housed in one of the exhibition halls in Serdang.

Its an annual affair where this crazy book company throws what it claims to be the largest bookfair in the world. Largest? im pretty skeptical about the magnitude of it but in terms of area it covers its pretty much a full fledge convention hall.

Imagine just aisles, and aisles of books. So i had to go, it was more of an accident as everybody has lost their lustre and sense of humour including me during these stressful periods. Even typing this makes me think i could be revising on my anatomy or reading up a pathological case.

So hitched a ride from a friend which announced on twitter that he was going to BBW so i tagged along. And upon arrival the first thing that strikes me is families carrying bags of books and most of them HARDBACKS. That to me is a sure indicator of a good sale. Lets be honest if given a choice im sure you'd buy a paperback or wait until a paperback version of the book is released before purchasing it because the contents still the same.

First thing i did was to grab something to eat and bulk up on energy. Nah that wasnt the case it was more like i skipped breakfast and lunch and cut straight into an early dinner. Pizza Hut was there too so it wasnt all that bad.

One thing i like in particular about BBW is the sense of humour that they have giving you a quaint feeling even before attending. Oh how i wish more book companies loose that sense of formality and make themselves more lively. Im sure that'd make people want to read more.

After getting your self to gripes with the sheer size of the hall itself and the books in it grab a box. Thats probably the best way to haul your selected books around.

Then GO MAD!!!

Sir Wogan made his presence felt with so many of his books present.

Of course i got 1!


And it goes on and on. Books have a fix price of either Rm 5, 8, 10 , 15 or 25 (the highest i'd manage to spot)
Use the Pram when the box gets full. How clever! LOL

Sections of particular interest to me would be the autobiography and biography, science, travel and magazine sections. I was hoping to find some good comics there but the only thing that i spotted was their Star Trek ones. But didn't get it in the end.

For fans of Fiction, im sure you'd be able to spend half a day just browsing that section alone.

I had to exercise self restrain to the maximum as i'd be leaving KL end of this year and it'd probably end up being shipped back home. Such a shame if i hadn't rein myself i'd probably end up with more books for sure.

The only other regret was that i didnt have the time and it wasnt physically possible for me to browse through the ficiton section. I was hopin to pick up an Ian Rankin novel and a few Jeff archers and John Grisham's for my mum.

But total damage Rm 64 for 5 books and 1 magazine. (2 hard backs)

Can i hear you say WHAT?

During regular times i'd be only be able to purchase 2 novels for that money.

Gosh i wish i'd be back for it next year.


Huai Bin said...

Nice! I missed the Big Bad Wolf Sale this year! T_T

Actually, I prefer buying hardcovers - it's not easier to read (coz it's heavy) but it's good for collecting. :)

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